version history



  • Supported file extensions are now associated with NostalgicPlayer, so it is possible to double-click module files to open them.
  • Added new options tab in the settings window. This comes with a lot of new options to play with.
  • Added the swap speakers option in the mixer settings.
  • Some MP3 files was wrongly detected as SoundTracker modules. Improved the detection function.
  • For new installations, the "new version" dialog will not be shown anymore.
  • Improved error message when failing to initialize a module, so it includes the exception message.
  • The total time in main window can now include days if needed.
  • Fixed High DPI settings, so the window/controls is not too small on a high DPI monitor.
  • You can now play along with your favorite module in the sample information window. Just select a sample and play on the keyboard.
  • It is possible to save samples from a module in the sample information window.
  • Added setting to the CoreAudio output agent, so you can select which device to use for playing.
  • Totally rewrote the time calculation in ModTracker. It could not handle when a module was playing a pattern backwards, like "Ode to Protracker.mod". Note that the module was played correctly, it was only the calculated length of the module that was wrong.
  • Setting speed to 0 was not handled correctly for all module types in ModTracker, e.g. "Angie S.mod" at position 27.
  • Added the sample player interface + created the new sample player. This player uses the sample converters available, so there has also been made a sample loader interface for that.
  • Disabling of agents didn't work properly in different parts of NostalgicPlayer.
  • Added these new sample formats: RIFF-WAVE (PCM), RIFF-WAVE (IEEE Float), RIFF-WAVE (ADPCM), IFF-8SVX (PCM), IFF-8SVX (Fibonacci), IFF-16SV (PCM) and AudioIFF.
  • Added these new module formats: Future Composer 1.0 - 1.3 and Future Composer 1.4


  • Fixed a bug when trying to find the author of a module, which caused some modules could not be loaded.
  • When loading a module list, the counts etc. was not updated in the main window.
  • Sample information window was not updated, if opening while a module is playing.


  • This is the first release of the player.